Oklahoma Health & Life Insurance - protecting all the seasons of your life...
Oklahoma Health & Life Insurance - protecting all the seasons of your life...

We Help Individuals, Families, Self Employed and Small Businesses Find Affordable Medical Coverage!

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Not an insurance expert?  You'll benefit from expert guidance in determining the best plan for your needs, and help navigating the changes brought about by healthcare reform. Whether in need of health insurance for students, Medicare Advantage plans or anything in between; let our experience help you in determining the best options for your specific needs.  All plans are not equal, and while it's more difficult now, it's not impossible to find affordable health insurance.  We can help you with a wide variety of insurance plans.  Want to learn more about each type of plan?  Click on the links below!

Oklahoma A-Rated Carriers


We only represent A-rated carriers in Oklahoma.  We bring value to Oklahomans with our experience and expertise, in the health, life, and supplemental insurance industry.  As independent agents we're not restricted to any single insurance carrier so we're free to help you find a plan that meets your needs and honors your budget.  We're happy to do the shopping for you and guide you to the carriers with the best plans for your coverage needs.


Our mission is to help you find insurance solutions tailored to your unique and individual needs and budget and make smart, informed decisions. Oklahoma Health and Life Insurance draws from a vast pool of health, life, and specialty insurance policies underwritten by only A-rated world class insurance companies.  Here are just a few of the companies we represent, names you already know and trust:

You're invited to explore the comprehensive consulting services, resource information, and products we offer and contact us if you have any questions, or for a no-obligation consultation.

Plans to Insure Your Future

Life is filled with unforeseen events, such as accidents, illnesses and unexpected medical diagnoses. In these situations, it's important to know that you can rely on your insurance policy to protect you, your family, and your assets from catastrophic financial devastation.  But the cost of your policy shouldn't be the catastrophic financial event itself!


Our approach to helping our clients involves not only providing access to the top rated carriers in the industry, but also providing consumer knowledge to help you evaluate your needs and compare your options.  Start here at the page links listed below and open the provided links on the pages to review the unaffiliated and helpful information on critical things to look for in your prospective policy:

Who Do You Want Controlling Your Money?

Are you like most people who feel that insurance is confusing, expensive and barely the lesser of two evils?   Does it comfort you to know that the premiums you pay each month for medical insurance may never be used to pay out a claim on your behalf?


Would you like to take more control of your own medical expenses?  Instead of paying the insurance company for services you may never use, would it interest you to know you can pay yourself, bank the savings in a tax free account, and then use those savings for medical expenses tax free as well?  If you answer yes, then an HSA High Deductible Plan might be right for you.  Learn more about HSA's by clicking "Tell Me More".

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