Prescription Drug Plans

Are you looking for a prescription drug plan to complement your Medicare Supplement?  We can help!  Before you choose a plan here are some basic considerations to review:

Before you choose a prescription drug plan, make sure you know how the plan works by understanding all the following components of the plan:

  1. Cost (Monthly Premium)
  2. Formulary (List of Drugs Covered by Plan)
  3. Formulary Tiers (Your Costs for Covered Drugs)
  4. Deductible (Amount You Pay Before Insurance Pays)
  5. Coverage in the Gap (Donut Hole)
  6. Plan Rating (Stars Method = Client and Provider Satisfaction)

A great place to initially compare plans available in your area is the CMS website:  If you need or want help navigating the site or comparing your options, we're here to help!

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