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The Affordable Care Act has changed the way many Americans purchase health insurance since it's passage in 2010, and subsequent plan accessibilty on exchanges across the country in 2014.  Depending on where you fall on the income limit lines, "Obamacare" can be a true livesaver, or the end of affordable health insurance.  In the state of Oklahoma, all but one of the individual health insurance carriers exited the market for several years.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma remained to provide individuals and families with health insurance on and off the exchange through 2018.   Unfortunately in 2017 the rate increases they passed made health insurance unaffordable to individuals and families who do not qualify for premium tax subsidies.  Oklahoma now has five individual carrier options in 2023: Ambetter, Blue Cross of Oklahoma, Medica, Oscar, and United Healthcare.  Pricing is mixed, but Oscar is currently one of the lowest cost carriers for 2023.  Pricing cannot always be the main deciding factor as each carrier has its own network of contracted hospitals and providers which comprise their "in-network" pricing basis.  Most PPO plans will include out-of-network coverage, but at a higher cost and with no maximum-out-of-pocket protection.


Carrier Name Plan Type Hospital Network
Ambetter PPO Mercy, SSM
Blue Cross OK PPO Integris, Mercy, OU, SSM (St Anthony), Norman Regional
Medica PPO Mercy, OU, Integris
United Healthcare HMO Integris, SSM (St Anthony)


If you fall within the income limits (138% to 400% of the federal poverty level) you may be eligible for premium tax subsidies to help you reduce the cost of your health insurance policy.   If you fall below the 138% you will now qualify for Sooner Care 2.0 (Medicaid - see Low/No Cost Health Resources Page).


Now with five major carriers offering plans in the state, insurance terminology already difficult to understand, plan offerings and confusing networks, understanding the "marketplace" rules for subsidies can be a major challenge for most people.


The good news is that it doesn't cost anything more to get expert help, so don't hesitate to call me if you have questions or would like my help to narrow down the options for you and show you how to customize plans to get the most benefits for the lowest premium.  Click on the links below to learn more about the different plan options available to you:



I'm here to help you, with straightforward, objective, insurance advice.  I've been in your shoes, seeking private healthcare coverage for myself and my own family.  My passion for helping you and those you care about is a direct result of my own search for affordable healthcare.  You can count on me to always put your needs first.  Don't go it alone if you can help it.  Call me to schedule a personal no-obligation meeting, at (405) 409-7884, or click on the Request a Quote button below and I will do the comparison shopping for you and send you the best plan available in your budget range.

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